Behind the lens, searching for just the right shot is owner and operator of Infocus Imaging, Walter Holbrook.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I can remember photographing my wife when we were dating at Port Columbus in Ohio, we were at the end of a runway using approaching airliners as a backdrop while she sat on the hood of my car. She's still as beautiful, and still my girlfriend and wife.

Shooting resorts and hotels has been taken all over the USA and Mexico. It has allowed me to stay at some of the finest locations, with some of the most spectacular views. Getting the right shot takes a symphony of efforts from Housekeeping, Landscapers, Pool Keepers, Resort staff, Banquet and management. I thrive on the challenge to bringing it to crescendo of a great photo. I hope to do this for many more years...

I have been privileged to be lead photographer for Living Legends of Aviation at The Beverly Hills Hilton several times. In attendance the likes of John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford and Richard Branson. Other events like Celebrity Fight Night hosted by Muhammad Ali with many Celebes in attendance. Large business events with organizations like NBAA, or causal personal meetings.

Running my own business has taught me that what the client wants is my objective. I have bosses to please, that is my job- I work for you. With my eye and your knowledge of the subject, together we will make the shoot reach your goals.

Thank you, Walter